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Cartesian Robot

Cartesian Robot info

Cartesian robot is a type of robot that moves linear on 3 axes. Despite having rotary actuators the tool moves linear on the axes. The advantages of these robots are their being less error prone and high sensitivity. For these reasons these robots are generally preferred in applications that benefit from high sensitivity such as CNC and 3D printer. Besides these applications due to their robust structure they are often used to lift heavy loads.

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Cartesian robots have kinematic chains that are easy to calculate due to their simple architecture. The calculations also become much simpler because the tool position is always equal to the actuator positions on their axes. Therefore inverse kinematics calculations for positioning the tool properly are easily calculated in a Cartesian robot.

It can be said that Cartesian robots have the simplest designs among all stationary robots. Working only on three axes and linear movement of their actuators on these axes makes Cartesian robot designs simpler besides having easy to calculate inverse kinematics models. Cartesian robots gain high interest among makers and hobbyists due to their simple designs. Homemade CNC machines and 3D printers are available due to the simple design and easily programmable nature of Cartesian robots.

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