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Power and battery units are parts that provide the required electrical energy to robots (especially mobile robots) for their actuators like electric motors or electronic parts like microcontrollers or sensors. In power and battery category various kinds of mobile energy sources like batteries, battery charging circuits and adapters, alternative energy tools like solar panels and various battery and power source accessories are listed.

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Even though power and battery products can be used in stationary robots, they are essential in mobile robot applications. Since mobile robots change position frequently they can’t be powered by stationary sources, so they need to carry their power sources. Due to that necessity volume, weight and energy capacity features of batteries are important for robot designers.

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Description:Charge module- Linear charging. Current- 1A adjustable. Charge precision- 1.5%. ..
It generates 4.2 V voltage under sunlight and provides 100mA current. It is 60 mm x 60 mm in dimensi..
9V pilleriniz için kullanılabileceğiniz pil yuvasıdır. Barrel jack şeklinde çıkışı mevcuttur. ..
Üretici firma: HLK Pil Türü: Madeni Para Akü Serisi CR1225 Pil Hücresi Boyutu 12.00mm Montaj Ş..
Cable with JST type female and male connector that you can use in various batteries and Lipo battery..
Lipo Rider is a power module with Lipo battery charge management and boost circuit designed for MCU ..
 1, solar, solar battery charging adaptor interface board, required the solar power supply ..
With this product, you can learn 1S ~ 8S lithium battery detection and voltage indicator and automat..
The model is an ideal Li-po for your aircraft, car and various robots.Features: Volt..
12V 1A Adapter can be used to power your circuits, motors or development boards like Arduino directl..
12V 2A Wall Adapter is a wall adapter which can be used to supply electronic circuits or stationary ..