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Bugs and Bots - Alper Bozkurt iBionics Engineering

Dr Alper Bozkurt – Assistant Professor 41001

Prior to joining to NC State, Dr.Bozkurt performed research at Cornell University (2006-2010) to interface microtechnologies with metamorphic development of insects for building remotely controlled biobotic organisms (insect cyborgs). His previous research at Drexel University (2002-2004) included the development of functional near infrared spectroscopy systems for brain-machine interfaces to augment cognition and for clinical monitoring of the newborn brain in neonatal intensive care units.

Spherical Air Vehicle Quadrotor by Illinois Institute of Technology

Florian Johannßen – Robot Developer – 41002

I am already writing my Masterthesis about knowledge sharing for robots….especially for the NAO robot from Aldebaran robotics. The target is, that Nao robots can share Informations from objects, enviroments or plans over the Cloud. So…it is possible, that heterogeneous robots can exchange executable robot apps among eachother. I am using a cloud-service, called RoboEarth, which represent a world wide web for robots. The robots can exchange roboter-specific Informations via RoboEarth. So Robots are not longer on one´s own – they can benefit from the experience other robots.