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A Miniature Tail Assisted Running and Jumping Robot

Tiny Jumping Robot – 2 Legs 1 Tail 11117

A Miniature Tail Assisted Running and Jumping Robot

In nature, small animals or insects use multiple locomotion methods to efficiently travel in difficult environments. Inspired by the multi-modal locomotion ability found in animals, we design a miniature robot that can jump, run, and perform aerial maneuvering. Specifically, this robot can use wheeled locomotion to run on flat ground. Encountering a large obstacle, it can jump up to overcome the obstacle.

Acrobatics of STAR.V3 , UC Berkeley, a high speed 3D printed robot.

Little Robot – Can Sneak Under A Door 11112

STAR.V3, a superfast, 3D-printed robot that can squeeze itself down to fit underneath a door…

Researchers at Berkeley’s Biomimetic Millisystems Lab have been able to create this “sprawl tuned autonomous robot” AKA STAR using 3D printed pieces. David Zarrouk, Andrew Pullin, Nick Kohut, and Ronald Fearing created the robot out of a number of simple, easily replaceable and biomimetic parts.