Festo’s Extraordinary Robots That Mimic Biology II: Bionic Learning Network – 11034

Nature is our best engineer, and the finest robots are the ones that mimic it.

Festo, a multinational robotics firm based in Germany, has made some of the most amazing biologically inspired robots out there. In one of our previous posts, “Festo’s Extraordinary Robots That Mimic Biology I”, you have seen air-penguins and mechanical elephant-arms but these are just few of Festo creations. In these videos, the air-ray, the bionic air-fish, the aqua-jelly, and more are shown. Festo is one of the world leaders in automation, with millions of parts installed in factories all over the globe. Their animal inspired robots are created by the efforts of their Bionic Learning Network. This collection of research groups from academia and industry is part advanced research initiative, part education organization.

Festo is a German industrial control and automation company based in Esslingen,Germany. Festo is an engineering driven company that sells pneumatic and electric actuators primarily to the automation industry.

Video: http://youtu.be/NNNfn7ac-rY

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