Gear Motors – GEARBOXES – 51055

Geared motors are used in robotics where high torque is needed. A geared DC Motor has a gear assembly attached to the motor. The speed of motor is counted in terms of rotations of the shaft per minute and is termed as RPM .The gear assembly helps in increasing the torque and reducing the speed.

Using the correct combination of gears in a gear motor, its speed can be reduced to any desirable figure. This concept where gears reduce the speed of the vehicle but increase its torque is known as gear reduction.

When you need high torque at a relatively low shaft speed or RPM.

-AC gear motors can provide ample force to help operate lifts, medical tables, jacks and robotics.
-DC gear motors are typically used in automotive applications such as power winches on trucks, windshield wiper motors, power seats or power windows.

Twin-Motor Gearbox

This is a ready to assemble gearbox that uses two electric motors to independently control each of the output shafts. The gears and gear case are accurately molded from tough plastic for smooth and efficient operation. Two gear ratios, 207:1 or 58:1 can be selected.

6- Speed Gearbox

Gearbox can be assembled for six different gear ratios. Select one according to application before assembling. Gear ratio can be altered from 11.6:1 to 1300.9:1 by gear combinations. 3 volt RE-260 motor. Gear types include 8T, 36/14T, and a clutch. Gear box accepts 130 or 140 motor types. Other parts include a crossed horn and output shaft. Use cam for vertical movement or change to rectilinear movement. Grease included for lubrication, plus a hex wrench and small phillips screws.

4 – Speed Gearbox

By altering the combinations of four gears, four different gear ratios can be obtained: 126:1, 441:1, 1543:1, 5402:1. Higher speed setting is suitable for car model, and so on. Lower speed setting is suitable for tracked vehicle model, and so on. Included motor operates on 3 volts.

Worm Gearbox

Can produce extremely low speeds of rotation and is used for gear reduction. Allows 2 gear ratios, 216.1:1 and 336.1:1 to be selected. Gear case is injection molded and gears are polyacetal resin for reducing mechanical noise. Accepts 140 or 260 type motors. Included motor operates on 3-4.5 volts.

Planetary Gearbox

A highly versatile system for reduction of high RPM electric motors to high-torque low RPM applications. Often used in precision instruments because of the reliability and accuracy of the unit. The RC-260 motor included in this set utilizes carbon brushes for long motor life. RC-260 motor operates on 3 volts. Combining the gearboxes in various ways enables 8 different gear ratios (4:1, 5:1, 16:1, 20:1, 25:1, 80:1, 100:1, 400:1). At a gear ration of 400:1 and voltage of 3V, the gearbox produces a torque of about 15 kg.

High Power Gearbox

Designed for high torque output rather than speed. Suitable for constructing models such as tanks, buggies, tracked vehicles, and so on. Allows 2 gear ratios, 41.7:1 and 64.8:1 to be selected. Gear case is injection molded and gears are polyacetal resin for reducing mechanical noise. Accepts 140 or 260 type motors. Included motor operates on 3-4.5 volts.

Universal Gearbox

The Universal Gear Box works well in a variety of applications and can be mounted several ways. A hex shaft and a threaded shaft are included to give the builder flexibility in design. The plastic gears and metal gear box are all high quality.

Mini-Motor Low Speed Gearbox

This type 030 motor features a low electricity consumption rate and does not emit electronic noise. Gearbox features 7 different gear ratios (71.4:1, 149.9:1, 314.9:1, 661.2:1) which can be easily adjusted by changing the final gear attachment position 3mm hex shaft and gearbox attachment holes are compatible with other Tamiya craft items. 2 different gearbox attachment positions are available. The gearbox has a transparent gear case to show the internal mechanisms.

Mini Motor Multi Ratio Gearbox

This is the Mini Motor Multi-Ratio Gearbox (12 Speed) from Tamiya’s Educational Construction Series. This gearbox features a wide range of low to high gear ratios. It is a type 030 motor with a transparent gear case to show the internal mechanisms.

Vertical Shaft Worm Drive Gear Box

 This gearbox utilizes a 30:1 ratio worm-drive reduction for applications that require extremely slow and smooth rotational motion.  The worm-drive design not only minimizes backlash but also eliminates back-driving the gearmotor so a position can be held even when power is not applied.  The precision ground 3/8” stainless steel output shaft is supported by dual 3/8” ABEC 5 ball bearings to support a load from any orientation.

The ¼” ABS plastic and aluminum structure provides a rigid framework without adding unnecessary weight and is easily mounted to any flat surface by utilizing the base mounting tabs.  The Vertical Shaft Worm-Drive Gearbox is perfect for turn-tables, time-lapse systems and low-speed applications that require high precision and torque. Without a gearmotor, the system weighs only 0.375 lbs (5.9oz).

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