How to Design a 4 LEGGED ROBOT – 81005

Microlecture – How to Engineer a Dog

The Legged Robotics Team at ETH Zurich’s Autonomous Systems Lab is doing research to build fast, versatile, and efficient quadrupedal robots. This movie illustrates some of the work that was done in the past years. Inspired by nature, the team built different types of electrically driven robots that can do various maneuvers from slow and careful climbing to very robust dynamic trotting.

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StarlETH 3D Trotting on Treadmill with Obstacles

Trotting experiments with StarlETH on a treadmill with up to 0.7m/s (2.5km/h) over small obstacles. This quadrupedal robot (24kg, 0.2m segment lenght) is driven by 12 series elastic torque actuators and works with onboard state estimation. An external motion capture system is used to continuously adapt the the treadmill velocity.

Maneuver Collection

This is a collection of maneuvers that our quadrupedal robot ALoF can conduct: a turtle like crawling motion (right) that was applied in the ESA Lunar Robotics competition to collect stones from a volcanic crater, standup and walking (middle), and a turnover for recovery from tipping over (left)

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