Specialized Mechanisms – WHITWORTH QUICK RETURN Mechanism 51029

The Whitworth quick return mechanism converts rotary motion into reciprocating motion, but unlike the crank and slider, the forward reciprocating motion is at a different rate than the backward stroke. At the bottom of the drive arm, the peg only has to move through a few degrees to sweep the arm from left to right, but it takes the remainder of the revolution to bring the arm back. This mechanism is most commonly seen as the drive for a shaping machine.


Download This PDF: Whit Worth Quick Return-Mechanism.pdf

Shaper Quick Return Mechanism

This is an application of the oscillating cylinder mechanism. Here, the connecting rod is the frame, which is fixed. Bull gear is the crank. Rocker arm is the cylinder. The slider on the rocker arm which is also connected to the frame is the piston.

Quick Return Simple Alternative Design

Quick return Mechanism Created in Creo (ProE) Mechanism design. The forward stroke of the ram is steady and slow while the retraction stroke is faster. This is why it is named so. The quick retraction of a shaping machine or slotting machine is due to this mechanism.


Video Link

Featured Video – http://youtu.be/45Gz-DnNFGA
Shaper Quick Return – http://youtu.be/Ga8yoLfB-1U
Simple Alternative Design – http://youtu.be/esnV9h-_xRs


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