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Android – 21006

An android is a robot that has human form. A typical android has a rotatable head equipped with position sensors. Binocular machine vision allows the android to perceive depth, thereby locating objects anywhere within a large room. Speech recognition and speech synthesis can be included as well. Because of their quasi-human appearance, androids are especially suited for use where there are children.

Google I/O 2011: Cloud Robotics

Google I/O 2011: Cloud Robotics Presentation – New Era in Robotics – 11046

How Cloud Robotics Could Soon Threaten Jobs

The last point cannot be emphasized enough. I think that many economists and others who dismiss the potential for robots and automation to dramatically impact the job market have not fully assimilated the implications of machine learning. Human workers need to be trained individually, and that is a very expensive, time-consuming and error-prone process. Machines are different: train just one and all the others acquire the knowledge. And as each machine improves, all the others benefit immediately.