During the twentieth century, people became increasingly comfortable with computers, machines, and electronic devices. This trend is expected to continue. Gadgets can be fascinating. Technocentrism refers to a keen interest in technology on the part of individuals, groups, and societies. In the extreme, of course, it can become an obsession.

Enthusiasm for technology can lead to exciting and rewarding careers, but if it goes too far, it can throw a person’s life out of balance. Some technocentrics have difficulty relating to other human beings.Critics of technological advancement claim that the same thing is taking place in society as a whole. Technocentrism is a phenomenon that some sociologists believe has become a social disease.

Most people are familiar with the downside of technocentrism. People build and buy machines to make life simpler and more relaxed; but for some strange reason, their lives get more complicated and tense. People find themselves attending to machines that are more and more complex. The machines break down, and people must take them in for repair. Machines get more versatile, but people must learn to use the new features.Rather than allowing us more free time, our technological miracles seem to devour our time and attention.

To avoid the less desirable effects of technocentrism, humanity must adopt a balanced outlook.Humans must be, and must always remain, the masters of machines.

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