ARM Cortex-M3

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ARM Cortex-M3 info

ARM Cortex-M3
Core103V is an STM32 development card that can be expanded in small sizes using the STM32F103VET6 as a microcontroller. It is ideal to start developing applications with the STM32F family. It uses the Core103V USB communication interface as a system ready to run with little effort, combining features such as JTAG / SWD programming / debugging interface, 8I / Os and UART1 test interfaces, clock circuit, USB power management, boot mode selection.

• STM32F103VET6: features high performance STM32 MCU:
• Core: Cortex-M3 32-bit RISC
• Operating Frequency: 72MHZ, 1.25 DMIPS / MHz
• Operating Voltage: 2 ~ 3.6V
• Package: LQFP100
• I / O: 80 - Remarks: 512KB Flash 64KB RAM
• MCU communication interfaces: 3 x SPI, 5 x USART, 2 x I2S, 2 x I2C, 1 x FSMC, 1 x LCD, 1 x SDIO, 1 x USB, 1 x CAN
• AD and DA converters: 3 x AD (12-bit, 1US, sharing 16 channels); At 2 x (12-bit)
• Debug / Programming: Supports JTAG / SWD interfaces, supports IAP
• Power supply switch with 5V or USB connection,
• Boot mode switch to configure BOOT0 pin,
• Power indicator
• Restart key
• 25M crystal oscillator
• 32.768K crystal calibrated for internal RTC
• JTAG / SWD interface: debugging / programming
• USB connector used to establish USB communication between PC and STM32 development board
• IO expander (including VCC / GND), expansion connectors can be used for more than all MCU pins
• 5V pin header, 5V power supply input
• Activate USB key
• Insert the jumper to activate the USB function
• Open the jumper to disable it or use it for another job
• VBAT selection jumper
• Remove the jumper to connect VBAT to external power sources, such as the battery
• VREF selection jumper
• VCC VREF + jumper to connect
• AMS1117-3.3: 3.3V voltage regulator
• UART1 connector supports programming via UART1 as well as system signal output

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