ARM Cortex-M3 development board 72MHz/512KFlash/64KRAM

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ARM Cortex-M3 development board 72MHz/512KFlash/64KRAM info

ini stm32F103VET6 Core Board  72MHz/512KFlash/64KRAM with Battery and USB Cable

Can be downloaded via the USB port a key program to run without resetting ! Convenient and practical ;
Independent 32p TFT LCD Interface

stm32F103VEt6 CPU internal resource description:

-ARM 32 -bit Cortex-M3 ™ CPU
-72MHz, 1.25DMIPS/MHz (Dhrystone2.1) 0 waiting for memory access
- Single- cycle multiply and hardware divide

-512KB Flash program memory Bytes
-64K bytes SRAM

Clock, reset and power supply management
-2.0 To 3.6 V power supply and I / O pins
- Power on / off Reset (POR / PDR), programmable voltage detector (PVD)
- High-speed inline 4 to 16MHz crystal oscillator
- Factory-trimmed to 8MHz RC oscillator
- Internal 40kHz RC oscillator
CPU clock -PLL supply
- With a calibrated 32kHz RTC oscillator

Low power consumption
- Sleep, Stop and Standby modes
-VBAT supply for RTC and backup registers

Debug mode
- Serial Wire Debug (SWD) and JTAG debug interface

-7 Channel DMA controller
- Supported peripherals: timers , ADC, SPI, I2C and USART

Three 12-bit ADC ADC, 1us conversion time ( 16 channels )
- Conversion range: 0 to 3.6V
- Dual sample and hold function
- Temperature sensor

A 12-bit DAC DAC (2 -channel ) ;

Up to 80 fast I / O ports ( up to 50MHZ)
-80 5V compatible multifunctional bidirectional I / O port
- All I / O ports can be mapped to 16 external interrupts

Up to seven timer
- Up to three 16-bit timers, each with up to 4 for input capture / output compare / PWM or pulse counter
-16 Bit 6 -channel advanced control timer
- Up to 6 PWM outputs
- Deadband control , edge / center-aligned waveforms and emergency brake
-2 Watchdog timer ( independent and window type )
- System timer : 24 from minus type

Communication interfaces up to 9
- Up to two I2C interfaces (SMBus / PMBus)
- Up to three USART interface, support for ISO7816, LIN, IrDA interface and modem control
- Up to two SPI synchronous serial interface ( 18 Mbit / s )
-CAN interfaces (2.0B Active )
-USB 2.0 full-speed interface


Core board hardware resources:

       All IO ports are leads ( including the ADC reference voltage VREF)

      Two user buttons,
      A reset button ;
      Two controllable LED;
      A power indicator LED;
      A USB to serial interfaces ( a key to download the program to use ) ;
      A USB slave interface ;
      A JTAG / SWD 20 -pin standard interface ;
      A 32 foot FSMC TFT LCD screen interface
      Board size : 101.5 mm x 76.68 mm
     Board has three SO8 chip factory where SPI flash 25q16, EEPROM 24C02 have been welded on , 485 IC welding on their own needs

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