CC1101 Wireless Module

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CC1101 Wireless Module info

It can be used with Arduino and other microcontroller platforms. It is a wireless communication module working at 433MHz frequency. It works with 1.8-3.6V voltage.


  • Adjustable bitrate speed
  • Supports 2-FSK, GFSK, MSK modulation
  • High sensitivity (1.2Kbps @ -110dBm, 1% data error rate)
  • Built-in CRC error detection and address control with single point to multipoint communication
  • Low current consumption (2.4Kbps in receiver mode, 15.6mA at 433MHz)
  • Programmable output power, up to + 10dBm (10mW)
  • Wireless wake-up feature
  • Supports low power consumption electromagnetic wave activation
  • Auto clean supports CCA before data transfer
  • Carrier tracking feature
  • Smooth frequency hopping system with fast frequency variation
  • Has standard DIP pin range
  • Separate 64-byte FIFO for TX and RX

Technicial Specifications:

  • Operating voltage: 1.8-3.6V
  • Operating frequency: 433MHz
  • Maximum data rate: 500Kbps
  • Range: 200 meters
  • Dimensions: 50 * 27 * 9mm
  • Weight: 13gr
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