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10 x 10 mm L1000mm Cable Drag Chain Wire Carrier Can be used on all CNC machines and 3d printer dev..
NEMA 17-dimensional bipolar stepper motor 20 cm stepper motor. My name is the engine type. The inter..
NEMA 17-dimensional bipolar stepping motor is a stepper motor type that can turn the 30 mm threaded ..
Specifications:Internal diameter 8 mm Out diameter 22 mm Thickness 7 mm..
Specifications:Internal diameter 4 mm Out diameter 13mm Thickness 5 mm..
8mm bearing bracket A has a ball bearing for 8mm shafts, it is usually used as the bracket of 8mm sh..
     What Are Beams?Beams are the most frequently-use..
This Nylon pulley can be used for smooth linear motion on the 8mm width parts.It has a 8mm width gro..
Features:• Perfect for adding to 4mm shaft.• Makes the rotating part virtually friction-free..
Features:• Perfect for adding to 8mm shaft and 8mm bearing bracket A.• Makes the rotating ..
Size Charts:Demo:..