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Adafruit Trinket 5V is a tiny anad low cost microcontroller board, built around the Atmel ATtiny85, ..
If you want to have a nice clean board (or maybe you're doing some repair) you can use this stiff-br..
2 x 2032 Coin Cell Battery Holder with On/Off Switch is ideal for small portable or wearable project..
The 3D Printing Pen works by heating up the plastic filament and pushing it through the nozzle at th..
433Mhz RF Long Distance 2km Transmitter - Receiver Pair is a super long range 433MHz RF link kit. It..
Keep your 5mm LEDs in place with 5mm Plastic Bevel LED Holder. These are handy for projects using in..
Adafruit Sensor Pack 9000 for Arduino is an assortment of the most common sensors used in electronic..
Adafruit 24-Channel 12-Bit PWM LED Driver can control 24 separate channels of 12-bit PWM output. Thi..
If you've ever ordered and wire up a 9-DOF sensor, chances are you've also realized the challenge of..
Add motion, direction and orientation sensing to your Arduino project with this all-in-one 9-DOF sen..
The Sound Board has a lot of amazing features that make it the easiest thing ever:No Arduino or ..
Adafruit Bluefruit LE SPI Friend - Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) makes it easy to add Bluetooth Low Ene..
Adafruit Breadboard Trim Potentiometer – 10K is perfect for breadboarding and prototyping. They have..
The DRV2605 from TI is a fancy little motor driver. Rather than controlling a stepper motor or DC mo..
Add internet to your next project with adorable, bite-sized Adafruit ESP8266 SMT Module - ESP-12, at..
Adafruit Fingerprint Sensor will make adding fingerprint detection and verification super simple. Th..
Adafruit Flex Perma-Proto - Half-sized Breadboard Flex-PCB is a classic perma proto design from Adaf..