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DT-830D is a proper priced multimeter which you can use in hobby and various robotic applicatons. ..
Accuracy Specifications Function Range Resolution Accuracy AC Volts1 6.000 V60.00 V 600.0 V 0.0..
Accuracy Specifications AC Volts (40 Hz to 500Hz)1 Range Resolution Accuracy 6.000 V 60.00..
 DIGITAL MULTIMETER, FLUKE 113  DMM Type: Hand Held  Volta..
Indicator Digital: 6,000 counts, 4 updates per second Bar Graph 33 counts, 32 updates per..
 MULTIMETER, HVAC FLUKE 116  DMM Type: Hand Held  Voltage ..
 MULTIMETER, FLUKE 117  DMM Type: Hand Held  Voltage Measu..
 DMM + CURRENT CLAMP KIT FLUKE117/322  DMM Type: Hand Held &nbs..
 MULTIMETER, DIGITAL FLUKE 177  DMM Type: Hand Held  Volta..
 MULTIMETER, DIGITAL FLUKE 179  DMM Type: Hand Held  Volta..
COMBO KIT, ELECTRONIC FLUKE 179/EDA2   DMM Type: Hand Held  Volta..
 MULTIMETER, FLUKE 28-II, IP67 DMM Type: Hand Held  Voltage Measuri..
 MULTIMETER, DIGITAL FLUKE 77IV DMM Type: Hand Held  Voltage Measur..
Holdpeak HP 36 G multimeterGeneral features;It is a portable device with a small size. Its e..
Holdpeak Automatic Interval Digital Multimeter HP-37 C AC Voltage 600mV ~ 600V DC Current 600μ..
AC Voltage 400mV ~ 750V DC Current 400μA to 20A AC Current 400μA to 20A DC Voltage 400mVV ~ 1000V..
DC Voltage 60mV ~ 750V AC Voltage 60mV ~ 1000V AC Current 600μA ~ 600A DC Current 600μA ~ 600A T..
DC Voltage 200mV ~ 1000V AC Voltage 2V ~ 700V DC Current 2mA ~ 20A AC Current 2mA ~ 20A Resist..
HOLDPEAK Measurement and Test EquipmentHoldPeak, a world-renowned manufacturer of professional e..
    Holdpeak Auto Interval Digital Multimeter HP-90E DC Voltage 40..