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Grove - Pulse Clipper Pulse Sensor - SeeedStudio info

The high-performance, low power consumption CMOS optic sensor, PAH8001EI-2G, functions as a Groove-Finger-Clip Pulse Sensor Heart Rate Sensor (HRD). This module detects the resulting changes in the motion of the human blood in the veins. Its low power consumption and flexible power saving modes make it possible to use on wearable devices. Due to the high processor power required by the Heart Rate Sensor, there is an STM32 processor on the module. The SWD interface allows the user to reprogram the STM32. In addition to the module, there are bandages used with plastic parts made in the 3D printer for finger and coach measurement.

When not used, it switches to ultra-power protection mode.
Binding bandages and plastic parts for arm and finger measurement
I2C standard interface
Integrated chip-on-board LED with 525nm wavelength
Suitable for finger and ankle measurement

Track list:
1 x Grove - Heart Rate Sensor with finger clips
1 x Finger-clip Heart Rate Sensor Housing
1 x Finger bandage
1 x Arm bandage
1 x 26AWG Grove Cable

Operating Voltage: 5V
SWD Interface
Low Power
Control Mode: IIC
Working Temperature: -20 ~ + 60 ° C

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