HTC Infrared Sensor

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HTC Infrared Sensor info

It has 1 meter range. The range is made with the blue trimpot located behind the setting. You can reduce the range to about 5cm.

It draws 10mA current at 5V.
10ms fast response time.
IP65 Protection class (high dust and humidity protection).
Built-in daylight protection.
Dimensions: 31mm x 25mm x 18mm.
Weight: 18 gr.
Cable length: 28cm.


The sensor is digital output. The sensor output increases from 0V to 5V when the object to be sensed enters the range. The output signal can be directly connected to the microcontroller circuits.

Red Cable 5V input

Black Cable Ground (0V) input

Yellow Cable Signal output (Logic 0-1 output)

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