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Pololu was founded in 2000 by three students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The first product of the company was the unique IR beacon system developed for the Autonomous Robot Design Competition. The beacons allowed pairs of robots to detect each other, allowing MIT students to give their robots more sophisticated strategies.

In 2001, Pololu was incorporated while still operating out of an MIT dorm. Upon graduation of the last founder in 2002, they moved from Massachusetts to Las Vegas, NV for its better climate and lower taxes. Our office has since become the meeting place for the Las Vegas robotics club, which was formed in 2004.

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  ÖzelliklerYüksek güçlü, fırçalı bir redüktörlü  DC motor olan bu ürün a..

This gearmotor is a miniature high-power brushed DC motor with a 297.92:1 metal ..


This reflection sensor module is designed for use with the Zumo Shield for Arduino. The module wit..

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The Tamiya 70101 truck tire kit includes the following:Four wheels: 36 mm diameter, 16 mm width ..

The Tamiya 70144 ball caster from Tamiya’s educational construction series is a small steel ball tha..

Tamiya 70101 kamyon tekerleği 36 mm çapında, 16 mm genişliğindedir. İki hub için 3mm altıgen milleri..

About the Product Alcohol Gas Sensor MQ-3 detects the concentrations of alcohol gas in ..

About the Product Carbon Monoxide & Flammable Gas Sensor MQ-9 detects the concentra..

About the Product Carbon Monoxide Gas Sensor MQ-7 detects the concentrations of CO in t..

Dagu Wild Thumper Wheel 120x60mm can be used as replacement parts or for custom robots that need to ..

Dagu Wild Thumper Wheel 120x60mm can be used as replacement parts or for custom robots that need to ..
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Encoder for Pololu Wheel 42x19mm is designed to work with Pololu micro metal gearmotors by holding t..

About the Product Flammable Gas & Smoke Sensor MQ-2 detects the concentrations of f..

About the Product LPG / Isobutane / Propane Gas Sensor MQ-6 detects the concentrations ..

About the Product Methane Gas Sensor MQ-4 detects the concentration of methane gas in t..


About the Product Pololu 1000:1 Micro Metal Gearmotor HP is a miniature, high-torque ge..

About the Product Pololu 100:1 Metal Gearmotor 37Dx57L mm is a powerful brushed DC moto..