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Robot grippers are end effectors in robotic arm systems. Robot grippers are the main units that directly contact the working area of the robotic system. Basically a robot gripper functions as the hand of the robotic system. The position and orientation of the robot gripper is controlled by the robotic arm and depending on the intended operation grips the target object or releases it.

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Robot grippers are generally used in pick and place applications. There are different gripper types depending on the object to be gripped or the desired grip power or speed.

  • Vacuum gripper: These grippers are frequently used in production applications due to their high flexibility. These types of grippers grip the objects with their rubber of polyurethane suckers.
  • Pneumatic gripper: These grippers are used due to their compact sizes and low weights. They can be used in narrow spaces which is an important property for industrial applications. These types of robot grippers are only able to grip or release completely.
  • Hydraulic gripper: Hydraulic grippers are the grippers which have the maximum grip power among other gripper types. For that reason they are preferred in applications that require high power. Due to the hydraulic used in the pumps these grippers cause a messy working environment. These grippers can provide up to 20000psi. Because this high pressure, these grippers are damaged frequently during operation and need frequent maintenance.
  • Servo-electric gripper: These grippers are new introductions to the industrial applications. They are preferred because they are easy to control. Controlling a gripper is as easy as controlling a DC motor. These grippers are low cost because they don’t need extra equipment like pumps or compressors for their operations.

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