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Robot Kits

Robot Kits info

Create your robot as you like with Robotpark robot kits. Robot kits lets you understand the basics of your robot and modify it as you like while you are building it. Robot kits are robotic parts that are shipped unassembled and expected to be assembled by the user. Line follower robot kits, sumo robot kits, robotic arm kits, wheeled-tracked kits and alternative energy kits are listed under the robot kits category.

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There are several reasons for shipping robots unassembled as kits. First of these reasons is the ease of shipping an unassembled robot. The probability of an assembled robot to suffer damage during shipment is much greater than an unassembled robot. Therefore shipping robots unassembled as robot kits lowers the risk of its being damaged. Another reason is to create room for further development and modifications. Applying modifications on an unassembled robot is much easier.

Another important feature of robot kits is their educational use. There are lots of educational robot kits that are intended for kids and people who are not educated but interested in robotics.

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