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Robot Prototyping

Robot Prototyping info

Robot prototyping is the process of creating the first version of a robotic design. Prototypes are built by the system analysts to test a new design and increase precision. In this perspective prototyping allows testing the features of a real system instead of a theoretical one. In robot prototyping category materials and equipment you can use in robot prototyping processes.

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If projects can be seen as products, prototypes and the final products have some differences. These differences can be listed as shown.

  • Material: Materials used in the final product goes under different processes and causes higher costs. In prototyping process, engineers and specialists use easily available materials.
  • Production processes: Prototyping processesrequire special processes and tools for designing a special design. For that reason prototyping process takes longer time.
  • Low fidelity: Generally the final product goes under special processes to have high fidelity. Since the purpose of prototyping is actually testing the conceptual design, the prototype generally does not go under these processes.

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