Our 10 Favourite Robot Movies of All Time

Äkta människor (2012– )


BONUS - Äkta människor (2012– )

 Äkta människor<br />
(2012) on IMDb

I admit, i am the only one in our crew who saw this Swedish TV Series. Instead of questioning what a robot is, it does the opposite and makes us question what really a human is. Actually the robots are more than robots but some kind of artificial humans serving mankind as servants.

This Human Robots (HUBOTS) have created dilemmas and issues that mankind has to deal with. Should they have rights? Who is responsible for their actions? Can a HUBOT acquire new talents, or can they have feelings? Are we special? If so, what is that makes us special?
If you want less action and more questioning, don’t hesitate, go ahead and watch.

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