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Printed Electronics by Robotpark

Researchers at “Robotpark R&D Labs” has developed an easy-to-use “conductive printer ink” which can print electronic boards with an ordinary inkjet printer. With this ink, you only draw your curcuit board in any drawing software, send it to your desktop printer and voila. It is like magic...” says Harry Eliot one of the test engineers of the project.

After adding this ink to your desktop printers cartridge everything is ready. This process may be a little bit frustrating, but after you have successfully installed your cartridge, the magic begins.


The Nano Technology Beneath

The evolution of producing printed electronics — printing semiconducting organic polymers or conductive ink on paper or plastic to create electronically functional devices is a new approach.  These new manufacturing methods will play an increasingly important role in a wide range of applications. Silver Nano Particles which are smaller then 20nm are added to a special solvent, this makes the “Conductive Ink” but it is not finished. You have to use a special A4 Paper to ensure pattern integrity

Available in three different substrates, the self-sintering special inkjet media utilizes an adhesion layer, a micro-porous, solvent-absorbing layer for flexibility, print quality and instant dry benefits. The proprietary chemical sintering agents produce instant electrical conductivity and the resultant patterns look like gold foil stamping.


The Products

Robotpark’s Smart Conductive Series makes time-consuming and expensive thermal curing and other additional processes that are generally used to produce conductors no longer required.

Creating functional electronic devices faster, more easily and more cost-effectively is vital to research institutions, development engineers, students and electronical device developers. Applications, once too complex are now easy with Robotpark’s SCS (Smart Conductive Series) Silver Nano Inkjet Tech.

Whether it be in research labs or in test areas, development engineers can print with Robotpark’s SCS (Smart Conductive Series) on a variety of specially treated media for conductivity in seconds without heat or flash exposure sintering.


You can order test samples with the following link if you are interested in this technology.

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