Robotpark aims to gather robot designers all over the world in order to colloborate, participate and insprire. So, if you would like to join us and present your robotic designs please contact us via [email protected] or fill our contact form below

  • Andrey Nechypurenko

    Date and place of birth: 30 July 1972, Kharkov, Ukraine. Nationality: Ukrainian. Mother tongue: Russian, Ukrainian. Foreign languages: fluent English and German. A data processing professional with specific experience in development of... Read More

  • Gael Langevin

    I work full time as a Sculptor, Modelmaker in my own company Since a short time I started to work on a project, called InMoov, to create the first 3D printable humanoid robot. As it is now most parts are under an Open source, non commercial... Read More

  • Kåre Halvorsen

    Kåre Halvorsen – Norway – Zenta Robotic Creations My name is Kåre Halvorsen (aka Zenta) from the little country called Norway. I work as a consultant engineer at the Assistive Technology Centre for Rogaland (a part of the Norwegian Welfare... Read More

  • Toby Baumgartner

    I’m a robotics controls engineer with over 16 years of professional experience designing robotic & automated systems for industrial applications. In my free time, I tinker with electronics & robotics and fabricate many of my designs... Read More