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MorpHex part II

Innovation Contest Winner Hexapod – Morphex – 31007

The Boca Bearing Company is pleased to announce the final winners of the 2012 Innovation Contest. To celebrate 25 years in business Boca Bearings challenged their community of engineers, robot builders, mechanics and makers to show us their innovative mechanical project videos. The only rule was their project had to utilize ball bearings, roller bearings, linear bearings or any form of full ceramic or ceramic hybrid bearings in some capacity.

Asterisk - Omni-directional Insect Robot Picks Up Prey #DigInfo

Kenichi Ohara – Asterisk – Best Hexapod Design 2013 – 11049

The problem with Hexapod designs they are really slow in walking when compared to wheeled systems. But this design of hexapod has reached a level that it can use wheels, and advantages of a spider like hexapod. It can climb, and it can use it’s arms to take toys, it can crawl or it can pass through really narrow space. Hexapod Robots should have these kind of designs. 

Hexapod Robot Ready To Conquer Extreme Obstacles

Hexapod Robot Ready To Conquer Extreme Obstacles 11026

Kondo Robot announced a new, low cost, hexapod robot design with surprising flexibility, performance, and customizability. The robots unique leg design incorporates springs and linkages only requiring two servos per leg while improving the hexapod’s ability to deal with uneven terrain and obstacles. The robots base frames can be easily fabricated or modified by builders to realize custom configurations.