Telemetry is the transmission of quantitative information from one point to another, usually by wireless means, and particularly by radio. Telemetry is used extensively to monitor conditions in the vicinity of remote devices such as robots, weather balloons, aircraft, and satellites. Telemetry is used in space flights, both manned and unmanned, to keep track of all aspects of the equipment and the physical condition of astronauts.

A telemetry transmitter consists of a measuring instrument or set of instruments, an encoder that translates the instrument readings into electrical impulses, and a modulated radio transmitter with an antenna.A telemetry receiver consists of a radio receiver with an antenna, a demodulator, and a recorder.A computer is often used to process the data received. Data conversion might be necessary at either the transmitter end (the remotely controlled device or system), the receiver end (usually the station attended by a human operator), or both.

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