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Arduino is a tool used for creating computers which have higher peripheral control than our PCs. Arduino is a basic microcontroller based, open source, physical computing and software development platform. In Arduino category, different types of Arduino microcontroller boards are listed.

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Arduino started in 2005 as a student project at Ivrea Design Institute, Italy. The students had to use Basic Stamps which cost 100$ and according to an instructor Casey Rea this cost was too much for the students. A hardware thesis presented by Hernando Barragan, a Colombian student, was the first Arduino prototype. After the prototype, the instructors continued the production to release the board to be more affordable, lighter, smaller and open source. In the end the institute was closed and David Cuartielles decided to carry the project to a higher level.

Arduino can be used to develop interactive projects. It is a general purpose controller to take inputs from different switches or sensors and control lights, motors or different physical outputs. Arduino projects can be stand alone or communicate with computer software. The boards can be assembled by hand or buy assembled. Its open source programming software can be downloaded free of charge.

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