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Conductive Materials

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Conductive materials are alternatives for conductive materials that become standard over the years. In robotics, the electronic circuits are generally created on a PCB (printed circuit board) or perfboards. These boards are rigid and not flexible. Because of that they are hard to use in non standard electronic or robotic projects or wearable electronics projects. Alternative conductive materials are emerged because of that need and this area is still growing. In conductive materials category, conductive paint, conductive ink, conductive adhesives, special media for these conductive materials, copper foils and flexible PCBs are listed.

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Alternative conductive materials area is growing rapidly. These materials are a good choice for rapid prototyping for electronic circuits. Also instead of copper PCBs, circuits can be printed on materials similar to paper and this allows them to be used in wearable electronics or non standard robotics projects easily. With the use of alternative conductive materials, robots that are completely flexible can be built. Thanks to alternative conductive materials, a new area called wearable electronics has emerged and very interested projects are presented in this new area.

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