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Electronic Components

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Electronic components are used to create circuits that are the main parts of the electronic system of robots. Under electronic components category, various kinds of buttons, diodes, LEDs, power LEDs, transistors, thrystors, LCD displays, resistors, potentiometers, coils, capacitors, crystals, processors, integrated circuits, semi-conductors, sockets, terminals, relays and coolers are listed.

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Robots are mechanic structures that are controlled by their electronic systems. From this perspective, electronic systems can be seen as the brain of a robot. After the introduction of open source electronic platform Arduino and their shields, it is not a necessity anymore to create custom circuits for basic robotic systems. However, for the projects in which Arduinos and their shield cannot be used, there is still need for creating custom circuits. Even if Arduino boards can be used, there may be a necessity to create custom boards due to the lack of a shield for the purpose or pin confliction between shields. For that reason, a robotic designer has lots of electronic components in his/her collection in case a need for creating a custom circuit emerges.

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