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Gas - Sound - Light - Heat

Gas - Sound - Light - Heat info

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The MQ7 is a simple-to-use Carbon Monoxide (CO) sensor suitable for sensing CO concentrations in the..
PT100 Temperature Sensor is used for precise temperature monitoring applications, where errors in me..
SHT21 Humidity Sensor Module is a sensor board based on digital temperature and humidity sensor SHT2..
Soil Hygrometer Humidity Detection Sensor Module is used to measure the soil humidity or liquid leve..
This product includes a sound detection module that’s compatible with Arduino. Sound De..
Stereo 20W Class D Audio Amplifier - MAX9744 is a slim little board which has a class D amplifier on..
TCS3200 Color Sensor Module is a complete color detector with its TAOS TCS3200 chip and 4 bright LED..
TMP36GT Temperature Sensor is a low voltage, precision centigrade temperature sensor. It provides a ..
Voice Recognition Module can recognize your voice. It receives configuration commands or responds th..
Water Level Sensor is designed for water detection, which can be widely used in sensing the rainfall..
DS18B20 Digital Temperature Sensor is a fairly precise 1-Wire temperature sensor which can give up t..
Flora Color Sensor - TCS34725 is based on TCS34725, the best color sensor in the market, which has R..
GY-80 9-Axis IMU-Magnetic-Acceleration-Gyroscope-Atmospheric Module combines 5 sensors into a single..
SHT11 is a digital temperature and humidity sensor. The sensor is soldered on SHT11 Temperature and ..
Snow/Raindrops Detection Sensor Module is for Arduino robot kit, raindrops, rain sensor, monitoring ..
Thermocouples are best used for measuring temperatures that can go above 100 °C. Thermocouple Type-K..