08B Soldering Iron Uci Cleaning Set - Sunline

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08B Soldering Iron Uci Cleaning Set - Sunline info

Care should be taken to ensure that the ends of the soldering iron have a longer life and work properly. Sunline Oven Cleaning Kit is a product that keeps the iron tips of the solder in a classic style. Particles, residues, etc. that may be formed during soldering and soldering processes. Cleaning procedures. The use of copper balls instead of water and sponge in the cleaning process reduces the surface tension (static electricity) at the edge of the air and prevents oxidation. Due to the flux (resin), you get high efficiency and good results in soldering the circuit. Copper and other materials are rapidly oxidized compared to air, moisture and temperature. For this reason, surfaces at flux bond points must be applied before soldering. Oxidation occurs with exposure to air and harmful oxygen. Non-conductive metal becomes non-solderable on the surface. Oxidation on copper surfaces, matt and orange color translates into a bright, unoxidized copper surface. The cleaning of the copper ball does not darken the ropes of the air and the service life is longer.

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