1x16 LCD Module - Green

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1x16 LCD Module - Green info

Arduino and other microcontroller quality 16x1 (16 columns, 1 line) LCD display that you can use in your projects. It has a black writing color on a green background. Back LED illumination is available. It works with 5V voltage.

If you wish, you can turn this screen into a form to communicate over the serial interface using the Character LCD I2C / IIC Converter Card, so you can reduce the number of pins in your projects.


  • It works with + 5V.
  • Back Lighting feature.
  • The LCD draws 4mA current without backlight.
  • Dimensions are 80x36x9.4mm
  • Working temperature is between -20 and +70 degrees.


LCD PinSembol Bağlantı
1Vss GND
2Vdd +5V
3Vo Contrast setting
4RS Register select pin
5R/WData read / write pin
6EEnable pin
7DB0 Data Bus 0
8DB1Data Bus 1
9DB2Data Bus 2
10DB3Data Bus 3
11DB4Data Bus 4
12DB5Data Bus 5
13DB6Data Bus 6
14DB7Data Bus 7
15A LEDBacklight anode (+ 5V)
16K LEDBacklight cathode (GND)


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