2 Channel 12V Relay Module

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2 Channel 12V Relay Module info

The 2 relay control card is controllable by various development cards which can control the contacts with 12V. The relays on the card are switched by 12V and the supply voltage of the card is 12V. There is a 5V voltage regulator on the card and a 5V output is available from the control pins. In this way, various microcontrollers and systems can be fed through the relay card.

There is a 5V pin output on the card and it should not be applied from here. It could damage the card.
The microcontroller draws a current of 20mA during the trigger signal. It is frequently used in various hobby, industrial and robotics projects.
It can switch the current up to 10A at 30VDC or 220VAC voltage. There are control LEDs for each role.
The relays are triggered by logic 0 (0V).
The NC, NO and COM legs for the relays are removed. Thus it can be used in short-circuit in case of trigger or open circuit in case of trigger.

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