4-way Line Follower Sensor Kit

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4-way Line Follower Sensor Kit info

The 4-line sensor set is equipped with 4 infrared transceiver modules on its own, and with the help of these modules there is access to the information whether there is a line on the floor or not. Sensitivity and distance setting of all sensors can be done from the potentiometers located on the control card.
The connection between the control card and the sensors is made with jumper cables, which are included in the package contents. Thanks to the fixing screws located on the sensors, the sensors can be used if they are desired and can be made horizontal if desired.
There are OUT pins for the outputs from 4 sensors on the control card, and supply and ground pins. Besides, there is an LED on the control card for each output.

  • Operating Voltage: 3.3-5V
  • Fixing Screw Hole: M3
  • Distance setting from 1mm to 10cm
  • Control Card Dimensions: 42x38x12mm
  • Sensor Dimensions: 25x12x12mm
  • Card Output: Digital
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