852D + SE Diaphragm Pump Hot Air & Soldering Station - Sunline

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852D + SE Diaphragm Pump Hot Air & Soldering Station - Sunline info

General features

Hot air blower with brushless fan
Maximum rapid heating thanks to microcomputer control.
The Sunline 852D + does not continue to warm up, and if the temperature drops below 70 ° C, it will automatically start cooling and increase the service life of the blade, even if you forget to interrupt the operation while the repair is in progress.
SUNLINE 852D + has Intelligent PID Control which is compatible with harsh environment of low and high temperature compensation providing short circuit, open circuit, overtemperature and overload protection
Designed with SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, BGA and thermosensitive components for safe soldering
Intelligent sensing and cool air flow characteristics.
2 pieces of Digital LED display for soldering station and blowing station separately

Box contents
1 Main Unit
1 hot air blowing arm
3 blowing arm nozzles (tip)
1 soldering arm stand
1 piece of soldering iron
1 blowing arm stand
1 power connection cable (AC)
1 integrated holder
1 user manual

1. Electronic product installation
2. Product development, scientific research laboratories
3. Electronic maintenance products
4. Electric soldering process
5. Skills education is the responsibility of the institutions / organizations / schools etc ..


Hot Weather Station Power consumption 700W
Storage media Heat 20-80 ° C
Environment Operating temperature 0 to 50 ° C:
Hot Air Station Airflow type Brushless Fan brushless fan light wind
Hot Air Station Blower: 120L / MIN
Hot Air Station Temperature Range: 100 ° C to 450 ° C
Hot Air Station Temperature Stability ± 1 ° C
Hot Air Station Display Type LED Digital display
Hot Air Station Sleeve cable length ≥ 100cm:
Hot Air Station blowing arm heater 74Ω
Soldering iron station power consumption 75W ± 10%
Soldering iron station Temperature Range: 200 ° C to 450 ° C
Soldering iron station Temperature Stability ± 1 ° C
Soldering iron station grounding voltage 2mV
Soldering iron station earth impedance 2 ohm
Soldering iron station Display Type; LED Digital display
Soldering iron station Armature heater 3.5 ~ 4.1Ω
Soldering iron station Arm cable length ≥ 100cm
Size 255 * 188 * 125MM
Weight 3,57KG

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