908-366A ANTISTATIC Solder Pump - Proskit

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908-366A ANTISTATIC Solder Pump - Proskit info

It has a body with a strong spring in it, a button on the top which you will use to compress this spring, another small button to release the spring in the middle, and a plastic end to which the tip can be soldered.
At the top we push the button through the slot extending to the center of the pump and snap it into place. That's how we set up the pump. Later, the suction end of the pump fired with the air, and when they began to delay, they approached the trowel and succeeded in the middle tiny button. In this way, the spring we release is released and the cradle moves rapidly to the starting position. Because of this moving retirement cliff, the existing solder finds itself in the pump.

Air tightness guarantee piston
It has a stainless spring and easily replaceable tip.
The special damper used 40% with recoil.
The antistatic feature prevents electric charges from discharging before you.

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