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Our board's figure:
1 The programming language is basically the same with Arduino, even the source code of some simple project can be in common use.
2 The MCU of our board is STM32 (ARM Cortex-M3); its Clock is up to 72MHz; it is 32-bit MCU; it has 128K Flash memory and 20 KB SRAM.
Basically all MCU of Arduino board is AVR; its Clock up to 16MHz; it is 8-bit MCU; it has 32K Flash memory at most and a little SRAM. Besides, the number of Maple's ports is more than Arduino's (You can see it easily from the photos).
3 Our board is cheap and has highly cost effective.
Note: The Maple Mini does not come with the USB cable (mini-B style) required to power or upload programs using the USB bus. You can buy these from most local electronics/convenience stores, or quite likely have one lying around for use with a cellphone or other USB device.
Your patronage is welcome. The bigger the amount is, the more favorable the price is.
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