ArduKIT Arduino Training Kit

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ArduKIT Arduino Training Kit info

ArduKIT is a set of applications designed and intended for general use for personal use intended for secondary school, high school, college, university and hobby. When experimenting with ARDKIT you can combine the flexibility of using Arduino and Raspberry Pi and the functionality of the experiment kit.

Having the shield structure that is used in applications ready on ArduKIT will make it easier to do the experiment and will reduce the material losses most when working in the laboratory.
Arduino and Raspberry Pi can be removed from the system with a socket connection when requested.
In addition to the power supply connection, the desktop also has regulation on itself and can operate at input voltages between 9 and 36VDC.
There is a breadboard for additional applications.
In addition to the built-in Arduino MEGA in the training set, Raspberry Pi can also be connected, some modules can be operated directly with Raspberry Pi. When requested, the Raspberry Pi and Arduino systems allow the application to be developed at the same time.


What does Ardukit have?

Internal circuitry and components on the ArduKIT Training Kit:

9-36VDC Power input - With terminal and socket connection
Arduino Mega - Built
Arduino shield connection sockets
Arduino RESET cycle
External EEPROM circuit for Arduino and socket
4 buttons for entries
4 leds for outlets
5-button Menu for GLCD Graphics and Menu applications
LED indicator for Menu applications Direction indication
DC motor applications circuit and socket
Servo motor applications suitable circuit and socket
RTC Real-time clock DS1307
32.768Hz crystal for RTC
Battery compartment for RTC
4 x 7 Partial Display for Matrix applications
2 x 16 Character LCD. Backlight adjustable
128 × 64 Graphic LCD. Backlight adjustable
Touch Screen circuit and connector
Socket for Touch Color TFT LCD applications
LM35 Temperature Sensor on Circuit
On-board DS1820 Onewire Temperature Sensor
HallEffect on circuit - Magnetic sensor
NTC Sensor on Circuit
PTC Sensor on Circuit
LDR Sensor on Circuit
Buzzer on circuit
RGB LED on the circuit
Encoder on the circuit
Sensor choices need wirelessly with Dipswitch
0-5V adjustable 1 pot for analog experiments
1 relay and output terminals

Industry 4.0 - IoT modules on ArduKIT Training Kit:

WiFi module ESP 8266-01 socket.
WiFi module ESP 8266-07 socket.
BLUETOOTH module HC05 socket.
BLUETOOTH module HC06 socket.
RF module Nordic nRF24L01 socket.
XBee module socket, direct USB connection with select switch
Microelectronic microBUS module socket.
MicroSD card module socket.
SD card module socket.
Raspberry Pi connection socket.

The standard box contents supplied with the ARDKIT Training Kit include:

Ardukit - Arduino and Raspberry Pi Training Kit
Arduino - Arduino connection PCB card
Arduit - Raspberry Pi connection IDE cable
USB energy and programming cable
Turkish Experiment Book for Arduino and Raspberry Pi Applications
CD with Arduino and Raspberry Pi program and simulation files

Optional Products / Products that can be purchased as an additional:

Character - Graphics and TFT LCD:

2 x 16 character LCD
128 × 64 Touch Graphic LCD
Resistive Graph LCD Kalemi

Industry 4.0 - IoT modules:

ESP 8266-01 WiFi module
ESP 8266-07 module
Nordic nRF24L01 - rF module
XBee RF module
All microBUS Modules from Microelectronica
MicroSD card module
SD card module




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