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IBoard Pro Arduino ATMega2560 Board For Home Automation Robot Control - İtead info

IBoard Pro is a special Arduino card with a WIZNET Ethernet port, XBee socket, ITDB02 Serial / Parallel LCD, RTC, nRF24L01 + module interface, Micro SD socket and ATMega2560 processor on WIZnet POE. With this card, you can add wireless connectivity to your projects as well as wireless XBee control features. From home automation to robot control, it offers great features for every kind of use. Projects that can be done with this product have no limit.

IBoard Pro works as a development environment for wireless Ethernet communications projects. IBoard Pro has POE (Power over Ethernet) support. Micro SD is supported as data storage media. There is a 3-pin interface for connecting the sensor on the card or communicating with other cards, thus providing a quick and easy prototype preparation. If you wish, you can set up a web serve on this card and connect it to another Arduino via XBee, Blutooth or APC modules. The information shared here is also available for posting to web-based services such as Twitter or Facebook.

The FTDI module is required to load sketch files. You can use the Foca box for this. The Iboard can be powered via mini USB, via the adapter socket or via POE.




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