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HM-TRLR-S-868 info

The HM-TRLR-S series are low-cost, high-performance transparent transceiver modules operating in the 433/470/868 / 915MHz band. It supports LoRa / FSK / GFSK / OOK modulation. Small size, high output power, high precision and long range. Many parameters can be changed by software. UART communication interface, so that it can be easily configured and communicated.

  • LoRa / FSK / GFSK / OOK modulation, 2-way half-duplex communication, strong interference blocking
  • Works in 433/470/868 / 915MHz ISM band, can be used without license
  • Maximum output power: 100mW (20dBm), can be changed between 2-20dBm
  • LORA accuracy: -139dBm
  • Transmitter current consumption: Tx 130mA @ 20dBm, 35mA @ 13dBm
  • Receiver current consumption: Rx 16mA
  • 2uA current consumption in sleep mode
  • Standard UART interface, expandable to RS232
  • It can be operated without interference with other modules in the environment by changing working frequency.
  • RF parameters can be changed with software
  • 1.2kbps -115.2kbps adjustable data rate
  • Status indicator LED
  • Range up to 5km in open area
  • 16x20x2mm 10-pin SMD sheath
  • FCC complies with ETSI standards

Scope of application

  • Extension control, remote measurement
  • Access control, identification
  • Data collection for home use
  • Smart home systems
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