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Hexacopter info

Hexacopters are flying machines just like quadcopters which produce the lifting and propulsion force to fly by using their six rotors. The difference between a quadcopter and a hexacopter is their number of rotors. The extra rotors of hexacopters provides them more lifting capacity. Compared ro quadcopters, hexacopters can fly at higher altitudes and speeds. Since they have six rotors, they can land safely even if one (in some cases two) of their rotors stops working. Their main disadvantages are extra cost and increase in size due to the extra two rotors.

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Hexacopters are the most balanced in terms of efficiency and cost among other multicopters. Although quadcopters have lower cost, they cannot reach the altitudes and speeds of hexacopters and their lifting capacity is low. Octocopters have higher lifting capacity, but since they have eight rotors, their costs are much higher.

Hexacopters are mainly used for photo or video shots by their attached cameras. For that reason their being able to fly at high altitudes and increased lifting capacity has great importance. Since they have lower cost compared to octocopters, they are seen as the most efficient option among multicopters. Their ability to land safely even if they have motor problems avoids the equipment to suffer any damage due to falling.

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