LF853D Vacuum- Pencil With Air - Hot Air Digital Station Soldering Iron Set - Xytronic

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LF853D Vacuum- Pencil With Air - Hot Air Digital Station Soldering Iron Set - Xytronic info

LF-853D Vacuum, Pencil with Air, Hot Air Digital Station Set with 5 Soldering Iron

Solder Repair Station
Model: LF-853D
Multifunction SMD Rework Stations
Product features:
5 single Input: Three function, saving the work area, Design requirement can meet the requirement of large scale users. Soldering, disassembly and hot air.
Special intelligent chip microcomputer control: Double LED display designed to operate by pressing the keys, making it comfortable and comfortable operation.
Temperature selection: Fahrenheit and celsius (celsius) temperature.
Heater / sensor failure detection: If the sensor circuit fails, the screen reads "S - E" and the heater power is off. If "- E H" and the heater power cutter fails, the display will read on the screen.
Temperature "lock-out" feature: temperature is suitable for production line management "password" can be locked by the code.
"Zero Voltage" electronic switching design also protects against harmful currents and transient sudden voltage boosts (CMOS devices, etc.) generated by voltage and current sensitive components are often less efficient, mechanical switched stations.
Delayed suction: the soldering tip has been included for the unit to allow the pump to continue sucking for 1.5 seconds after the actuator key has been released, to remove the overcrowding problem from the middle, a delayed switch feature.
Light armor: Ergonomic Mini arm remains cool and prevents operator fatigue.
Energy-saving mode: If the station is idle for 20 minutes, the energy-saving feature will automatically engage the temperature, the set temperature goes down to 150 ° C. Activating the solder / desolder wands will disable the power saving feature and the unit will ramp up to the preset temperature immediately. 40 minutes without operation main power reduces power consumption and extends tip life when "sleep mode" is turned off.
Please note: turn off the first unit "ON" and then go back to the "Sleep" mode when the unit has to pass.
Iron working option: Both solder and removal iron can be used at the same time. You can also adjust by pressing the keys "SET + ▲" When you use only solder or dismantling iron. At this moment, the set iron power will go into the closed power state. This means that the heater is breaking down. Press "▼" then the heater will power.
SMD tweezers: an additional feature, specially designed for SMD chips, SOT, flat pack ics' etc. to be re-addressed. TWZ100 Tweezers can be interchangeable with soldering iron as an option. Before starting this operation, be sure that the main switch must be "OFF" to prevent damage to the unit.

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