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LattePanda Aluminum Cooler and Cooling Fan - LattePanda info

LattePanda Aluminum Cooler and Cooling Fan

This combination of cooler and fan will cool the CPU for proper performance.

The fan is operating at a constant temperature. The 2-pin jumper cable allows easy connection to CN2 headers.

This fan is low noise and has a thermal pad that can stick onto the metal shield on the rear panel. Thanks to the aluminum body, the heat from the CPU is absorbed faster, so you get better performance. This is a simple and effective way to cool LattePanda!


Note: Please note the cable polarity.
Red -> 5V
Black -> GND

Operating Voltage: 5V
Operating Current: 0.14A
Nominal Speed: 6500 RPM
Cable length: 20cm
Interface Type: 2.54mm 2-Pin DuPont Female Connector
Size: 34.5 * 34.5 * 7.2 mm / 1.36 * 1.36 * 0.28 inch
Weight: 12g
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