LattePanda Windows 10 Licensed 2G / 32GB

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LattePanda Windows 10 Licensed 2G / 32GB info

To improve IOT applications LattePanda is an Arduino compatible Windows 10 device.



For those using Raspberry Pi, LattePanda's size will be familiar. It comes with LattePanda Ethernet, USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports, HDMI port and GPIO input / output ports with USB powered mainboard. LattePanda comes with full Windows 10 version instead of WindOS 10 IOT version, which is the only reason why LattaPanda is not an ARM or Edison processor but a full quad core Cherry Trail Atom processor, 2GB or 4GB of memory and 20 GPIO ports with AtduGa32U4 Auxiliary processor.

The licensed Windows comes installed in the SSD, all you need to do is plug and play the USB keyboard and mouse (valid for licensed models). The screen resolution is 1024 x 600.

LattePanda gets power through micro USB port, any USB adapter will suffice. However, note that at least 2A current is required.


Note: The use of unsuitable power supplies may cause damage to the device.


To start the appliance:

Prepare adapter and USB cable first.
Connect the USB cable to the power adapter and connect the micro USB part to the LattePanda's microUSB port.



You will see the red LED display at the top under the card. This light indicates that LattePanda is being installed. Wait until it dies.

When the LED is off, turn on LattePanda by pressing the power button for one second.


You'll see the lights come on again.

You can connect many USB devices to LattePanda. For example, flash memory, mouse, keyboard, webcam. You can also connect LattePanda to external speakers with a 3.5 mm audio connector.

LattePanda's Arduino compliant coprocessor allows communication with 5 v sensors and actuators.

You can perform the following steps to install the 7 "Touch Screen:


Make connections before you open LattePanda. Make the connection in the right direction as shown above.

Remove the actuator. You can easily lift it using your thumb or index finger.


Install the FPC.
Firmly close the actuator by turning it down.


Connect the FPC connector of the touch screen in the same way.


Installing VNC Server on LattePanda using TightVNC



By installing the VNC service on LattePanda, you can access the graphical interface on LattePanda from a different PC on the local network. For this purpose, free and easy to install TightVNC will be used.

Download and install TightVNC for Windows on LattePanda. If you are using LattePanda Standard 32-bit, if you are using LattePanda Enhanced, do 64-bit setup.

To go to the Setup page

For 32-bit here

For 64-bit here

Accept the end user agreement and continue.

If you select Typical on the setup type screen, both the server and the viewer will be loaded. You only need to select "Custom" for the server. However, you can also continue with Typical installation.

Check all options on the screen for additional tasks.


Specify the connection passwords.


Finish and complete the installation wizard with Finish. You will now see a new icon in the system tray. If you do not see it, exit and re-enter.


You will see the IP address of this ring. Double-click to open the configuration screen.


You will then need to go to the PC that will connect to LattePanda and load the TightVNC Viewer with the same drag.

Arduino application development tools come with LattePanda. You can also use Microsoft's Arduino support, which comes with Visual Studio.

The low cost, flexibility of having separate Windows and Arduino sections (you can write your code on LattePanda and load it into Arduino and try your code with Windows serial control tools) makes LattePanda the best card for Windows developers who want to step into the IOT world.


Information about Windows 10

All LattePanda products come with Windows 10 Home Edition installed. The installed version is 30 days trial period. Only LattePanda Windows 10 Licensed 2G / 32GB product is licensed.

When a new device running Windows 10 is purchased; Activation occurs automatically when the device connects internete. If the activation servers are busy; You may need to wait a while to activate Windows. To check the activation status: Go to Start> Update and Security> Activation Settings.


You can access LattePanda products from the links below.

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