Oscilloscope Kit ( HP-DSO272 ) ( 2 Channel 1MHz 5.1 Msps )

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Oscilloscope Kit ( HP-DSO272 ) ( 2 Channel 1MHz 5.1 Msps ) info


The HP-DSO272 is designed as a product that can perform simple engineering tasks. The 32bit ARM Cortex-M4 series contains a microcontroller within it. Electronic is a good engineering tool for beginners.

General characteristics of the device;

Display: 3.2 inch 320 × 240 pixel resolution color and touch TFT
Customization: The color design of the screen can be determined by the user
Number of channels: 2 (BNC connector)
X-Y mode
Analog Bandwidth: 1MHz
Maximum sampling rate: 5,1Msps 12bit
Sampling depth: 6000 data
Input impedance:> 250kΩ
Vertical sensitivity: 200mV / div ~ 20V / div
Horizontal sensitivity: 2.3us / div ~ 100ms / div
Maximum input voltage: ± 10V
Supply voltage: 5V (mini USB)
Trig modes: Run, single, Hold functions
Trigger capture: rising / falling edge, adjustable level
Waveform functions: Automatically; Frequency, tone duration, toff duration, period duration, peak-to-peak voltage, amperage voltage, RMS voltage measurement
Test signal: 1KHz 50% duty-cycle square wave
Cursor: differential measurement both vertically and horizontally
FFT analysis: 128 point FFT analysis and THD calculation
Signal generator: sinus, sinC, square, triangle, sawtooth, arbitary voltage waveform generator
PC connection: driver does not require USB HID protocol
PC interface software to control the device
Software update: Software update feature via USB (bootload)
Menu language: english
Product content:

Two 1X probes (1mT)
USB cable
Touch screen pen

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Ekran3.2 inch 320×240 pixel3.2 inch 320×240 pixel
Probe KonnektörBNCBNC
Kanal Sayısı22
Analog Bant Genişliği1 MHz2 MHz
Maksimum örnekleme değeri5 Msps, 12bit10 Msps, 12bit
Örnekleme Derinliği6000 örnek8192 örnek
Giriş Empedansı250 kΩ1 MΩ
ProbeX1X1, X10
Maksimum Giriş Gerilimi±10V (X1 Probe)±10V (X1 Probe),          ±100V (X10 Probe)
Dikey duyarlılık200mV/div~20V/div200mV/div~20V/div
Yatay duyarlılık2.3us/div~100ms/div1.25us/div~500ms/div
FFT Analiz128 points512 points
Çalışma Gerilimi5V (mini USB)5V (mini USB)
Akım sarfiyatı0.13A0.18A
Boyut98.7 x 66 mm,              119.966mm (BNC dahil)94.5 x 65mm,                  115.7 x 65mm (BNC dahil)




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