ROBOTPARK - Silver Nano Particle Printer Ink

About the Product


Robotpark Silver Nano Particle Printer Ink which is is developed by Robotpark is a printer cartridge compatible conductive ink. By using  Silver Nano Particle Printer Ink, you can print your circuits easily with a home printer or you can draw them by hand with its marker. You can use the circuits printed on its special paper right away.

The silver nano particles of the conductive ink does not have to be heated to provide conductivity. Therefore you can use your circuits after printing, without the need for waiting it to dry. Also while preparing your circuits, you don’t mess with any harmful chemicals.

Robotpark Silver Nano Particle Printer Ink is compatible with many commercial printer cartridges, including the printers used at home. The circuits are printed on special papers produced for the conductive ink. The special papers you can use with Robotpark Silver Nano Particle Printer Ink are;


Product Description


  • Easy to handle, eco-friendly, water-based nano particle inks can be used Dimatix Materials Printers.
  • A unique anchoring layer on the substrate ensures good pattern adhesion.
  • The substrate’s micro-porous layer provides good flexibility as well as image quality and instant dry characteristics.
  • Proprietary chemical sintering agents produce electrical conductivity in seconds.
  • Designs progress swiftly from concept to prototype to production.
  • Digitally printed, self-sintered electronics accommodate variable data to facilitate mass customization with rapid throughput.


Technical Specifications


Ink Properties:

  • Water-based, RoHS compliant
  • Particle size average: 20nm
  • Ag solid content: 10 ~ 20wt%
  • Ethylene glycol content: 10 ~ 40wt%
  • Viscosity: < 10 cps
  • Surface tension: 25 - 35 mN/m
  • Density: 1.2 - 1.3 grams/ml

Printed Physical Properties:

  • Print thickness (z-axis): 1 micron
  • Line width: 100 micron lines and space (depending on drop size)
  • Color: metallic gold
  • Flex and crease resistance: good

Printed Electronic Properties:

  • Volume resistivity: <10 micro ohms cm
  • Surface resistivity: <200 milliohms per square