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Raspberry Pi Hats

Raspberry Pi Hats info

Raspberry Pi HATs are electronic boards similar to Arduino shields. Like shields, HATs are designed suitable for Raspberry Pi pinout and it is enough to stack the HAT over the Raspberry Pi connect them. HAT stands for “Hardware on top”, so HATs are addons that are attached on top of Raspberry Pis.

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There are some specifications determined by the Raspberry Pi Foundation for classifying an add-on board as a Raspberry Pi HAT. These specifications are;

  • A Raspberry Pi HAT conforms to the basic add-on board requirements
  • A Raspberry Pi HAT has a valid ID EEPROM (including vendor info, GPIO map and valid device tree information).
  • A Raspberry Pi HAT has a full size 40W GPIO connector.
  • A Raspberry Pi HAT follows the HAT mechanical specification
  • A Raspberry Pi HAT uses a GPIO connector that spaces the HAT between 10mm and 12mm from the Pi (i.e. uses spacers between 10mm and 12mm).
  • A Raspberry Pi HAT back powering via the GPIO connector the HAT must be able to supply a minimum of 1.3A continuously to the Pi (but ability to supply 2A continuously recommended).

An addon that does not meet this specifications can still be used with a Raspberry Pi, but it cannot be called a Raspberry Pi HAT.

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