Rigol DS1104Z / 100MHz- 4 ch- 1 GS/s

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Rigol DS1104Z / 100MHz- 4 ch- 1 GS/s info

Widescreen for 4 Channels

7 ", 800x480 resolution on the screen, 4 channels at the same time you can view without problems.

Deeper Memory

Rigol DS1000Z series oscilloscopes can record 12 million points in memory. You can zoom in to get more detail on any selected region of the captured waveform and to navigate around the measuring points. With the optional memory module (MEM-DS1000Z) this figure can be increased to 24M.

Quick Capture

With a high sampling rate (1 Gsa / s), this device can record 30,000 waveforms per second.

(Ops.) Real Time Waveform Capture, Analysis, Replay

With the optional device named DS1000Z-REC, you can record, analyze, store and replay the waveform instantly.

Intensity- grading
Sensitivity Measurement Screen

Complex signal characteristics and all values ​​that require high resolution can be fully reflected on the screen.

Multi-Rate Trigger Option

Rigol oscilloscopes offer a variety of triggering options for professional use. Externally, special triggers (Windows, Nth Edge, Delay, Timeout, Runt, RS232 / UART, IIC and SPI) are optionally available as 'AT-DS1000Z Advanced Trigger'. You can examine this product on the Accessories tab.

Serial Bus Decoding Function

With the optional 'SA-DS1000Z Decoding Kit', you can analyze, decode and display serial bus systems directly with byte values. It supports RS232 / UART, IIC and SPI protocols. You can examine this product on the Accessories tab.

Advanced Mathematical Operations

The DS1000Z inverted oscilloscopes are equipped with a modern and high-quality advanced mathematical system that can solve complex signals with predefined formulas.

Masked Pass / Fail Test

Pass / Fail test can be used to solve problems of various environmental factors such as communication networks and lines.

Statistics Automatic Measurement

This device simultaneously measures up to 5 parameters (rise-fall, amplitude, pulse width, duty cycle and many more parameters) and displays statistics for each parameter separately.

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