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Robotic Arm

Robotic Arm info

Robotic arms are robotic systems that are designed based on human arms. Robotic arm function similar to a human arm. An arm system consists of different joints connected to each other forming a kinematic chain. The actuators positioned in the connection point of joints determine the motion characteristics of the robotic arm. Robotic arms have end effectors suited for the intended operation. The operation can be gripping, painting, welding or cutting.

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Robotic arm systems are firstly created for use in environments that humans cannot have access or are hazardous for human health. With the advances in technology their performances in repetitive processes became better than human operators. For that reason robotic arm systems are used frequently in industrial automation applications. Although their primary use seems to be industrial applications, advanced robotic arm systems are used in surgical operations and space applications. With the introduction of internet and open source development platforms, robotic arm systems can even be used by average users in their desktops.

Robotic arm systems are still developing. Faster and more sensitive robotic arm systems are being developed continuously. Besides these, researches managed to produce a prosthetic robotic arm that can be instructed by brainwaves and it is still under continuous development.

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